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Teaching Resident Physicians to Be Educators

Resident Teaching Skills at the UCR School of Medicine and Beyond

Resident physicians in all specialties serve as important teachers for their peers and junior learners. Residents provide a large percentage of all teaching that medical students receive.


Bringing Education & Service Together (BEST) Curriculum

Bringing Education & Service Together (BEST) is a longitudinal residents-as-teachers curriculum that has been validated in a randomized, controlled trial.. Medical educators are welcome to adapt and use any of the curricular modules as they wish.

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The Clinical Teaching Perception Inventory: Learn Your Teaching Style

The Clinical Teaching Perception Inventory (CTPI®) is a 28-item Q-sort instrument that measures comfort with clinical teaching by comparing perceptions of the respondent’s "ideal clinical teacher" with his or her self-perceptions as a teacher. The CTPI can be completed in approximately 10 minutes. It asks respondents to place each of 28 single-word descriptors/items along a seven-point continuum ranging from "least like" to "most like,” then generates an individual explanation of your scores that can help improve teaching skills.

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Here are two different one-minute videos featuring a similar scenario of a resident physician teaching a student. What varies is the resident's teaching style. In both scenarios, the resident and the student are seeing patients together. The scenarios begin as the student is finishing presenting a patient to the resident.

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More information about teaching and learning, including archived presentations and a calendar of upcoming events, can be found on the School of Medicine's Faculty Development website.

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